Burt and Coral's Trip to Nova Scotia June 24-July 1, 2007

Coral did not want her picture taken but this was OK with her.

Now why include a picture of a supermarket? Coral went in to buy dog food (remember the Canadian border B**ch took her dog food), after 30 minutes I could stand it no longer and I went in to see what happened to her. She became fascinated by all the new food stuffs in Canada. I should have realized she was easily impressed when she loved the rest area in New Hampshire.

Coral loves chips, she bought flavors for herself, her siblings, her friend, herself.

Wow gas for only $1.08, but that was for a liter, really closer to $4.30 a gallon. I noticed ALL the gas stations in each province had the same price, no competition? The government sets the price every two weeks. By the way the sales tax is 14%. Notice the French. New Brunswick is bi-lingual. Phone messages say "push 1 for English, 2 for surrender."

The girls at the tourism bureau in Truro, Nova Scotia. At all Information centers I asked the girls how many provinces Canada had, only 25% knew. Imagine asking an American in third grade how many states there are.

The town of Truro we were told had a nice shopping area, it was pathetic.

We stayed at a two campgrounds in Nova Scotia, one next to ocean the other right on Bay of Fundy, cool here like Alaska. It has rained quite a bit but just like my USA RV trip, all at night. We got the last space at both campgrounds. July 1 is Canada Day and the media is bragging how great Canada is. To add to the crowding there is our July 4th so it is real busy here.

Tides in Bay of Fundy

The tides, picture on left 9:21 AM, second picture, exact same spot 9:24 AM, by the way I was 18 feet below sea level here.

Picture on left rock 1 foot above water, three minutes later almost gone.

Rock in the distance at 9:40 AM (rock is 8 feet high), second picture 10:20 AM

What we did not find in Nova Scotia, we found in Bar Harbor, Maine. A quaint town with shopping. Coral stopped in 4000 stores but was satisfied.

Here I am in Bar Harbor debating the protesters. The protesters were against war, the man I debated was for non-violence. All that is great but he had a problem coming up with a non violent solution to stopping the Nazis. Maybe if there was a George W. Bush in 1941 neither Hitler or Tojo would have screwed with the USA. Who knows what wars were not started or countries overrun now because the rest of the world thinks President Bush is crazy? Maybe I should have punched the non-violent man to see if he really was?

In a shop in Bar Harbor I recalled I forgot my watch, I asked the shop owner if he had the time.

Along Route 66 in Oklahoma I never saw a Route 66 restaurant, but in Bar Harbor I did. We ate in another restaurant by the ocean that actually allowed dogs.

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