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Burt's 2005 Visit to France


First let me say all the opinions on this site are mine. I have little respect for the character of the French people, the only reason I went to France was to visit the place where the "Greatest Generation" landed on June 6, 1944.

This is not a typical tourist type web page, if you are one that likes to look at the pictures and skip the descriptions go here No text.  There are some people that say I put myself in too many pictures, I have a need to be seen and have an ego. There is one person that made this trip possible, you will see her at the end. These are not all the pictures, and the pictures here are reduced in quality to load faster. If you want access to ALL the high quality picture, let me know.

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More truth about the French

All this now said, I can proceed to tell you about a great visit, made so by the tour guide, Ronen and the good people from Michigan, Indiana and even Oklahoma

Above is the itinerary of the trip

Our first day in Paris by the familiar Arc de Triomphe, the Arch is surrounded by a massive traffic rotary. It is impossible for pedestrians to cross so underground tunnels are available to basically get to "to other side of the street." The traffic is so hideous there that insurance companies divide fault 50-50 rather than try and figure out fault.

Paris is not Switzerland, pictured above is one of the many security guards in a supermarket. While in Switzerland I only heard sirens once in a week, in Paris an hourly occurance. It was hot in Paris, 90+ and the hotel had no A/C. We should have been warned.

With gas at $6 gallon, you do not see to many SUV's

You have got to be pretty slow if you need me to tell you what is in the background.

Click here to hear the sound of the streets of Paris

By the Eiffel Tower there are protesters, these from Laos looking for signatures

The view from the top of the 1000 foot Eiffel Tower looking at the Louve, a small art museum about the size of a small village

This kid was waiting on line with us to see the Eiffel tower, his mother went to get ice cream and never seemed to come back, he is 13 and from Portugal.

We went to visit the home of Claude Monet, he did something in art. He was an impressionist ( I wonder if he could impersonate Richard Nixon?) I had many sleepless nights waiting for this moment-NOT!

The gardens in front of Monet's house, I guess he actually sold a few of his paintings.

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