Burt's 2005 Visit to France


In Rouen, a church built right next to where Joan of Arc died.

This is the village of Rouen, we went round and round trying to find just the right place to eat (occasionally the woman did make up their minds)

This photo courtesy of Ronnie, at the base of the cross was where Joan of Arc was burned at the steak. Strangely the cafe right nearby offered a Joan of Arc steak, I asked about it, it is a steak extremely well done.

I thought for a minute there were dancing girls here.

Can buy a nice house about $340,000

Part of our group at a dinner, wine, wine and more wine. I traded mine for desserts. In this restaurant the lights were so hot one person almost passed out

I thought this was a fountain but turns out it was a doggie bath

This picture is not out of focus, it is a high speed light show as it just got dark. It just gets dark at 10:30 PM

No matter how quaint the village there was always one of these, note the always omnipresent beggar

Where clothes were washed in the past. I think it was invented by Ken More

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