Burt's Trip to Vermont May 2008

Why would I put a picture of a shower in this web site? Because when I stay at a campground franchised by KOA, you would never see this crap. The is in Limehurst Campground in Williamstown, Vermont. KOA campgrounds are more expensive but somehow, it seems worth it not to see this in a shower. I had previously stayed at Pine Valley RV campground (KOA), no problems there.

I stopped at the Ben and Jerry's plant to see how ice cream is made, the tour cost $3 but we got free ice cream at the end. I got an extra when I swiped  the ice cream from the girl in blue. She did not need it, she was skipping school.

This is the Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail, a 26 mile trail in northern Vermont. It is probably one of the best trails in the U.S.A.

This is a typical scene along the Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail.

Another view along the bike trail. Made me think of my daughter in Shanghai.

Looks like Percy is 114 years old.

I had my bike along the trail but a MOOped seems more fitting?

What I cannot figure out is my daughter's 13 pound dachshund will snarl and growl at me but when I approached these 1000 pound animals they cowered in fear.

I saw this next to the picture below.

Well Jeff Bushey is still alive, wonder if he is related to George Bushey?

There was a cemetery full of dead Burts in Enosburgh. I asked some old timers about why there were so man dead Burts but they did not know.

More dead Burts, when I saw this I figured I better bike back. I was 18 miles down the trail but when I headed back I found out why the ride was easy, now I was headed into the wind. I was pooped when I got back to the RV.

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