The train station in Copenhagen, look at the clock, it says 21:16, 9:16 PM, it did not get dark until 11PM, and light again at 3 AM

No parking meters in Copenhagen, people buy these little clocks and put them on their windshield and pay at the end of the month

I met President Bush and the leader of  Russia in Copenhagen. They seemed a little stiff.

In Copenhagen that Patriots are pretty popular. I saw about 10 people wearing Yankee hats in Scandinavia, I finally asked why no one wore Red Sox hats. Of course who wants to be identified with losers?

The King's house and the changing of the guard in Denmark

This is a 7-11 in Copenhagen, there must have been 10 of them in a 2 mile stretch, they were also in Oslo, Stockholm and to a lesser extent Helsinki. They stocked several varieties of hot dogs, pastries and soft serve. No hot fudge sundaes anywhere in Scandinavia.

I decided not to sail on this boat, I had the feeling it would have been a gas. Ain't I a riot?


City hall in Copenhagen, too bad they are short on funds and it looks so drab

Kronberg Castle, had a really drab dungeon

Tivoli, an amusement park in Copenhagen

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